Fortigate SNMP issues

Recently I’ve encountered some SNMP issues with some of my Fortigate’s. The first time the issue resolved with a reboot, but when it happend the next time I knew I had to dig further.

My debug list:

  1. I’ve tried to disable and enable back the SNMP agent through the GUI.

Don’t forget to hit apply.

2. Stop/Start the agent via CLI

config system snmp sysinfo
set status disable
set status enable

3. Tried to kill the PID of the process. Ran the following to find out the PID no.

diag test application snmpd 1

and then kill it with:

fnsysctl kill -9 <pid>

or you can just use:

diag test application snmpd 99

4. Trusted Hosts — If your using trusted hosts, you’ve chosen wisely. The best practice is to disallow access to the WebUI from the WAN (from the internet). If all users have trusted hosts ACL the WebUI won’t be accessible from outside. But that will also mean that the SNMP agent won’t be able to probe the firewall. Thus you have to add the SNMP probe IP address to the ACL as well.